Aug 19, 2010


This unfortunately is kind of a family saying around here. It started many years ago when we took our daughter and son-in-law to dinner one night and on the way home we stopped at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts because the red light was on. Now if you don’t live near a Krispy Kremes, I feel so bad for you. They turn a red sign on in front that means that there are fresh doughnuts ready and if you go in you get a free one.

Any way, long story short, my SIL asked why we needed to stop for doughnuts when we just finished eating a huge dinner and for no reason that I can figure out I just blurted out, “Because they’re free, stupid” 

Now my son-in-law is the least stupid man I know. He is very well educated and well spoken and is a lot of fun so where that came from I will never know. It just came out and now it’s pretty funny whenever anyone says it.

Anywhoooo, I was perusing our local online ads yesterday and came upon this…

So I called and ended up with this…
Yes, I needed a few closet doors to replace broken ones but this? Of course, “Because they're free stupid”.  I do have plans floating around in the back of my little head though so look out.
I also saw this…

And got this…
It’s for my bedroom. Wahooo!

And, I just had to add this picture of my two halves helping with the laundry. Their Mom took this with her phone so it’s not the best picture but it’s hilarious.
She might be giving them away for free, stupid!