Sep 1, 2010


My room is gradually coming together. My bed is no longer in the living room.

I took this old set of waterbed drawers….


And sanded and stained them a little and put them under my bed…


But my bed looked a little plain.


It needed a footboard. So out I went to my pile of free doors and found a set of bi-fold ones. Did you know that the height of closet doors is the same as the width of a king size bed?

Remember all those ends and sides I cut off the other doors?


I used them to frame the bi-folds and ta-da… a footboard…


Just a little too plain for me so I cut up some more ends and sides…

DSC05410 Then I took the finials off a curtain rod I found at a thrift store ages ago and screwed them on….


I sanded and painted…


Looks nice but I wanted a more aged look so I sanded and stained it a little…


Much better….


I’m tired, I think I’ll go soak in the tub…


That’s better.


Granny J said...

I love the waterbed drawers. They make such great storage. Your bed turned out great. Love the footboard. The little fella in the tub is my favorite picture though. He's a keeper for sure. Love the chubby little legs.

Debby said...

I just got rid of an old water bed with those drawers. What a great idea. You need your own HGTV show.
Now that little soaker. Oh my gosh, that baby is adorable.

Elaine D said...

Absolutely amazing!

NanaDiana said...

You are one handy-dandy lady. And you look so young soaking in the tub after all that work!>) Diana

Deb said...

Adore your blog and all your projects...keep 'em coming...cause they inspire the rest of us to get off our lazy behinds and do something...regardless of our age!!!

C.R.A.F.T. said...

so cool :) come on over and link up to MMM !